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Who we are

Citizen Leaders CIC was created as a Community Interest Company in 2010 after ongoing national and regional Citizen Leader Co Productionship dating from 2007. Citizen Leaders CIC was the idea of a Derbyshire Service User who is a Dept of Health Academy trained Citizen Leader. It is a volunteer managed operation, with key values to promote equality, and opportunities for people within Communities. All of which fits into our coalition governments strategy for 'THE BIG SOCIETY'.

Citizen Leaders CIC is a not for profit Company with a powerful vision, operating in a growing market with strong management, great people and excellent clients.

We are a not for profit micro provider of what is known as low level services (those which don't involve personal care), however we are able to assist with recruiting personal assistants and the ongoing administration that goes along with employing your own staff. Although we are unable to provide personal care services through our own staff (this is due to CQC registration) we can help you find someone whom you feel is the right person to provide your personal care, as this does not require CQC registration. We are able to calculate PAYE and employers returns through our payroll service, this is done in your own home with wage slips instantly created and inland revenue updated at the same time.

Our business model is focusedon the delivery of person centred services to the end user of public services and self funders within this sector as well the provider sector, where we bring the highest standards possible of support to people and their communities. We look to expand on this model by providing services of the highest standards to existing and new clientele both in their homes and via community cohesion support and via our personalisation training.

We are totally Independent and our success will be measured by your Satisfaction!

Our work is to build on and improve the quality of life for our clients and their families. Our training and co-production work is to improve the understanding within the sector for all frontline staff as to how the personalisation of Social Care and independent living is expected to be delivered and the positives of delivering services in this way. Our Citizen Leaders training academies enable delegates to understand how personalisation fits into outcome focused planning with a person centred approach, all of which fits in with the Governments Putting People First policy. These can be tailored for any authority or sector and should you wish further information then please contact us for details.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to make 'people smile' by delivering a positive service to people enabling them to live their lives and enabling them to be a part of their communities they live in

We do this by constantly striving to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction, efficiency and effectiveness in the community support sectors.

Our approach is based on the development of outstanding partnerships both with our clients, employees, local authorities and the wider community. Our success will enable us to create great opportunities for our clients and our employees and substantial value to communities.

Our Approach

The Citizen Leaders CIC approach is to listen carefully to people and always try to find better ways to meet their needs. We believe people who require support to maintain independent living should be involvedat all stages and we put their requirements at the heart of all that we do. We always try to capture and share the best ideas, best practices and methods.

We set out to:

• Work with partners who share our values, our long term approach and our determination to find better ways to do things.
• Help clients and organisations meet and learn from one another
• Develop and support innovative ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

An example of these commitments in action is our co-productive work with Local Authorities, Dept of Health, provider organisations, clients both current and prospective and stakeholders to transform social care to a more person centred approach. These have brought together important decision makers to debate the most relevant issues effecting the social care sector.

Our Values

The way each of us acts makes a big difference to our sustainability and our reputation and success. Our values are here to help us all behave in a professional effective and efficient way, making Citizen Leaders CIC a unique enterprise to be involved in and a great company to work with.

• We Value our customers and communities, putting the needs of our clients and stakeholders at the heart of everything that we do.
• We value teamwork, supporting each other, sharing ideas and never excluding others.
• We value personal responsibility, setting and achievingconsistently high standards in our work and our conduct and never adopting a negative attitude.
• We value innovation, being inventive in our approach and never allowing conventional thinking or bureaucracy to get in our way.

As a Client, we want you to experience the feeling that:

• You can Trust us
• That we Are Committed to you
• That we Care about the service we deliver to you
• That we can provide you with a high quality Professional Service.

Please Complete our Latest Survey - Just Click Below

Citizen Leaders Website Survey

Below are results of a survey asking UK Disabled citizens "have you heard about the govenments 'putting people first' strategey which enables people to manage their own support?" The following results have been taken as at 11.00 a.m on 23/04/2009.

15% say yes i know all I need to know.

75% say no I have not heard of it.

10% say I know a little but not enough to make an informed decision.

This proves more people need to be aware of the governments 'putting people first' strategy and what better taskmasters to do this than citizen leaders.

Citizen Leaders CIC is a Community Interest Company, registered in England and Wales Company Number 07334768.
Registered Address:
4 GrangePark Road
High Peak
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All rights regarding the site including protected trademarked images are the sole copyright of Citizen Leaders CIC and must not be re-produced without prior permission. Citizen Leaders CIC is a Community Interest Company wholly managed by Volunteers and based upon the positive expansion and values of Community Cohesion.

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